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Top Ten Tips To Change Flat Car Tyre

As reputed garage equipment manufacturers in India, we are going to share a step-by-step guide to change car tyres without any hassle. 

Look for a safe place :

It’s very important to reach a safe place when you realize that your car has a flat tyre. Do not continue driving, otherwise, it will be dangerous for you and other vehicles on the road. 

Next, find a safe place where you can park your car while maintaining a good distance from the road. 

Turn on the parking light :

Parking lights are very important for your safety while alerting other vehicles. Other vehicles will notice your car because of blinking lights. 

Park car by locking the hand breaks: 

Park your car by pulling the handbrake. Locking hand brakes will help you to lock your car in one place while applying force on the tyres. 

Use Wheel Wedges: 

Use wheel wedges for the additional safety of your vehicles. Wheel wedges are useful on incline roads. 

Remove Wheel Covers:

Nowadays all car tyres have wheel covers. These need to be removed before changing the car tyre. Read the user’s manual to get more ideas about removing wheel covers. Note that different types of car brands may have different types of settings to remove wheel covers. 

Loosen the lug nuts:

Before lifting the car with jack the lug nuts should be loosened only halfway. Because if you lift the car first, the tyre will keep rotating. We recommend using the lug wrench to loosen the nuts. Always ensure using the correct size of wrench. 

Use the wooden board to secure the jack :

Choose the jacking point to lift your car. The point is where the jack is supposed to be connected. Place the wooden board under the jacking point and put the jack on them. Next, connect the jack and lift the car until you see a small gap between the ground and car tyre. 

Remove the lug nuts completely: 

Unscrew the lug nuts with the help of a wrench. Remove lug nuts completely. 

Replace the flat tyre:

Replace the flat tyre from the frame and add a spare tyre in the frame.  

Screw lug nuts and replace them with covers :

This is the tenth and last step of replacing the flat tyre. Screw the lug nuts halfway and then lower your vehicles. Now remove the jack firmly and screw the lug nuts tightly. Then add the wheel cover. 

Keep all tools in your toolbox, check tyre pressure and then resume your driving. 

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