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Learn about Wheel Balancing.

Learn about Wheel Balancing.

Wheel balancing helps to ensure that the weight of the wheel is evenly distributed when it rotates.

Static Vs Dynamic Balancing

Static balancing uses one set of wheel weights in the centre of a wheel whereas, Dynamic balancing uses two sets of weights due to imbalance on vertical and lateral axis.

How Important is wheel Balancing?

An unbalanced tire can cause vibration, resulting in driver fatigue, premature tire wear and unnecessary wear to your vehicle’s suspension and steering components. 

 Tires should be balanced each time they are mounted on an axle to ensure it continues to rotate evenly. 

As tires wear, the balancing characteristics may change, leading to a vibration that develops over time

How is wheel Balancing Measured and corrected?

  • A wheel Balancing Machines helps in checking the balancing of a wheel.
  • The unbalanced tyre is mounted on the machine.
  • The machine rotates the tyre and wheel assembly and automatically calculates the smallest imbalance or difference in weights in the wheel.
  • The balancing machine then highlights the exact position where a balance counter weight should be applied.
  •  Counter weights come in different sizes depending on the degree of the imbalance and can be pasted(adhesive weights for alu rims) or clipped to the wheel rims( for standard rims).

Sarv offers wheel balancing machines for various wheel sizes from various International OEMs like CEMB- Italy .

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Accessories Manufactured by Sarv

Sarv has a huge experience in Training, Installation and demonstrating Wheel Balancing machines for Moto, PC CVs at various workshops Pan India.

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