Tyre Repair Kit

Commonly Asked Questions – Puncture and Solutions for Inflation.

man repairing puncture tyre

Does the mushroom plug offer a permanent solution?

As with conventional punctures, mushroom puncture repair plugs are also a permanent fix. It provides better sealing than standard kits due to its rivet-like sealing mechanism that seals not only the route of the puncture but also the inside and around the hole.

Is it effective? The mushroom plug in comparison to standard kits?

Mushroom plugs are superior to standard puncture kits as they seal not just the puncture’s path but the head of the mushroom also gets flat after the tire gets inflated, which seals the interior of the puncture.

What’s the main difference between Plugger and Gun Kit?

Plugger Kit uses an adjustable screw mechanism that rotates to insert a mushroom plug into the tire. On the other hand, the Gun kit utilizes a Spring type mechanism to insert mushroom heads inside the tire. The gun is more significant when compared to the plugger kit and more comfortable to use.

Can cut or sidewall punctures be repaired using this kit?

The Puncture Kit can be used to seal a flat surface of the sides on the sidewalls of the tire. But, it is not utilized to fill more significant cuts.

Which method do I use to inflate the tire following puncture?

Utilizing a Garage equipments inflation kit that uses cutting-edge Co2 cartridges to fill the tire back with air after puncturing rapidly. Kits for inflation can be purchased through our Inflation Kits category.

Can I refill or reuse Co2 cartridges?

Nope, Co2 cartridges are not reusable after their seal has been opened. The cartridges cannot be filled again with Co2 gas after a single-use.

Do Co2 react to my tire and harm it?

The answer is no Co2 is not reactive by nature. It cannot react with the tires or the wheel’s rim and is a reliable and safe solution to inflate the tires.

How do I regulate the tire pressure?

It is necessary to use a tire pressure gauge to control the tire pressure.

Does touching the head of a mushroom spoil it?

No, the part of the head that is the subject of the mushroom is coated by silicon, allowing it to pass through the nozzle with little effort. If you accidentally come into contact with the top of the plug, you can apply the silicon to its head once more. The silicon is contained in the package in which the mushrooms are stored.

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